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PDRi is the ISO Certified Institute which caters to the need of Overseas Pakistanis around the world…. in a flexible and affordable way….. In addition PDRi is affiliate member of Taiwan, Nicaragua

TRACCERT Canada , KIU US, APSB Singapore, GAFM USA, AAPM USA, BBU and many more


PDRi is having collaboration with more than 10 international bodies for Development of Human Resource…..

It offers Gold Precious Internationally Recognized Certifications the holder of which get MORE than 10000USD a Month as salary

Our Graduates Working in Europe, Africa and Middle East Region at High Jobs

Law, MBA, BBA, BS Graduates work hard every where in world 


These are professional development non academic certifications awarded to those who are having 2 to 3 years work experience in the desired field and can submit online research assignments at LMS of PDRi as per policies of the awarding bodies. These certifications are awarded by TRAINING ACCREDITATION And Certification Organization ( Canada, which is member of Association Of Accrediting Agency Canada ( And some courses are accredited by the Pacific University of Nicaragua, Central America  For Online Apply and Free Registration please Click On Below Course Name to proceed. For any query email on, or Whatsapp on +92347 9812089 during duty hours.

 Fee Structure:

One Year General Diploma= 200USD ( TRACCERT-Canada) and 230 USD ( Pacific University)

Two Year General Diploma= 320 USD ( TRACCERT-Canada) and 370 ( Pacific University)

Three Year General Diploma= 350 USD ( TRACCERT-Canada) and 400 USD ( Pacific University)

 6 months Pg Certificate In Health =300 USD( TRACCERT-Canada) and 400 USD ( Pacific University)

                                          This Scholarship Based Fee is Only till February 2023

Diploma Samples

Hotel Management & Tourism

Information Technology

Graduate & Post Graduate