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PDRi is a Registered EduCounselling & Training Partner of TRACCERT Canada


PDRiProfessional Development Research Institute & Consultancy Services(is a LINKAGE Institute  with national and international institutions),   is having been dual ISO- Certified  trusted & unique  institution / firm of its kind in the region. It has also member of  International Quality Assurance In Higher Education ,      and EduTrust Education Quality Accreditation Association (, Accredited By Asia Pacific School Singapore and Training Partner of TRACCERT-Canada. PDRi is   committed to developing the professional capacities of Pakistanis who are inside or outside of the country by acting as InterLink institute.  Unlike Pakistan, the education system has got varied  to different shades in Europe and USA  like R.P.L system of education , Credit Exemption Methods , Capacities/Competency Based Award, and Adult education through Modern Means and tools application. However PDRi has the credit to have concluded MOUs with academic formal and professional non academic education institutions world wide.  So, this is the uniqueness of PDRi to present these various modes of education to On Job Professionals and busy workforce on one hand and fresh students on the other hand. Interestingly all our courses are offered on DISCOUNTED fees.

 The motive and Motto of PDRi is always , which

 insists on giving more low-income people access to higher education, Therefore, we value diversity and inclusion and consider qualified applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital or family status, veteran status, medical condition or disability. And we hold the views of Plato, Aristotle and Ghazali who always expressed that education is the right of every person.

Since its inception, it has done a marvelous job in the professional development of Pakistanis especially those working abroad. After certification by PDRi these graduates have achieved good positions of jobs ( You Can Check The Views Of Our Graduates on homepage) It has concluded MOUs with various training and certification bodies of international repute. Some of certification and accreditation bodies are TRACCERT-Canada, EIU– Europe , Gafm USA, AAGUC USA, EEQA USA, Azteca University Research Wing Mexico, Pacific University Nicaragua Central America, APSB China Moreover, PDRi feels proud that it has attracted numerous world-class trainers in various fields. It is the resolve of PDRi to bring economical and affordable  education of global repute to Pakistanis and play its role in the development of the country. To be globally certified in your profession, is the motto of PDRi and it has the resolve to proceed in compliance with the guidelines of the government of Pakistan as a CONSULTANCY center for higher and Vocation Specific  qualification. 

 Affordable and from everywhere any time a student can become part of PDRi to change his fate. For this reason, PDRi stands matchless in the country and is committed to growing with the passage of time. It is furthermore clarified that those Pakistanis who seek HEC /PEC/PBC membership must confirm from these bodies prior to getting admission in our some affiliated universities.

In addition PDRi is member of so many international educational and research bodies. It has also opened CSS/PMS and Judiciary Centers in Mardan to cater to the needs of such aspirants. Moreover, we have Multidisciplinary Research Journal with name of

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