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PDRi is a Registered Forum For EduCounseling For Overseas Development In Collaboration With Multiple Institutions

PDRi is Struggling For The Development Of Overseas  Working Adults By Offering Professional Certifications From More Than 04 International Bodies through EduLink Global. It is part of PDRi especially working on graguate courses of PDRi. PDRi is an ISO certified, Unique Forum Meeting The Requirements Of Professional Development through various modes of Professional Qualification. It has its Own Research Journal For Publishing Free of Cost ACTION Research Articles Come and Join to Build Pakistan Economically Stable, and a Place of PEACE. No content, word or sentence of this website or product can be challenged misinterpreted in any court of Law. Moreover PDRi is complementary institute devoted to Professional Development With the least Profit. NAVTTC as a Govt Body of Pakistan also initiated some programs of level 1 to level 03 and, has initiated Skills Persons certification of 3-6 months and we encourage overseas Pakistanis to avail this opportunity. Being the FORUM of like minded Professionals of Education, it is to pertinent clear that we are peace loving citizens of Pakistan.

REQUEST: Please read the below Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) before taking admission with hope your all questions will be addressed.

Owing to busy schedule of every person due to family or job engagement, PDRi management is trying its best to make the complete process simple and easy. For this purpose click on below BLUE lettered links to proceed automatically and fill the online registration form.

For Diploma Courses Click Here ( Please click and see more than 200 courses in various fields)

For Health Care Click Here  ( Please after click the link you will see many courses, select the course and fill online form)

For Golden Precious Courses ( The Holder Of these High Profile Course Certification are usually at top JOB position in Middle East and Europe)

International Certified Awards For Top Class Professionals ( Theses Certificates are awarded by QAHE )

Graduation and Post Graduation Courses For Overseas Pakistanis   ( PDRi under its EduGlobal offers these courses)

For Overseas Professionals Click   ( Overseas Pakistanis and Asians can good opportunity in terms of FEE discount & Fast Track)

Engineering Courses: These courses are from two to three year Diploma up BE and MS in Engineering. Govt officials are encouraged to apply.

Who We Are?  This clearly indicates that we are NOT a non serious educational Entrepreneur.

How can you trust on our venture, you can check our graduate students and their reviews on main page.


PDRi-Professional Development Research Institute & Consultancy Services is a LINKAGE Institute  with national and international institutions,   is having been dual ISO- Certified  trusted & unique  institution / firm of its kind in the region. It has also member of  International Quality Assurance In Higher Education , and EduTrust Education Quality Accreditation Association, accredited By PACIFIC UNIVERSITY, NICARAGUA CENTRAL USA and Training Partner of TRACCERTCanada. PDRi is   committed to developing the professional capacities of Pakistanis who are inside or outside of the country by acting as InterLink institute.  Unlike Pakistan, the education system has got varied  to different shades in Europe and USA  like R.P.L system of education , Credit Exemption Methods , Capacities/Competency Based Award, and Adult education through Modern Means and tools application. However PDRi has the credit to have concluded MOUs with academic formal and professional non academic education institutions world wide.  So, this is the uniqueness of PDRi to present these various modes of education to On Job Professionals and busy workforce on one hand and fresh students on the other hand. Interestingly all our courses are offered on DISCOUNTED fees.

 The motive and Motto of PDRi is always , which

 insists on giving more low-income people access to higher education, Therefore, we value diversity and inclusion and consider qualified applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital or family status, veteran status, medical condition or disability. And we hold the views of Plato, Aristotle and Ghazali who always expressed that education is the right of every person.

Since its inception, it has done a marvelous job in the professional development of Pakistanis especially those working abroad. After certification by PDRi these graduates have achieved good positions of jobs ( You Can Check The Views Of Our Graduates on homepage) It has concluded MOUs with various training and certification bodies of international repute. Some of certification and accreditation bodies are TRACCERT-Canada, EIU– Europe , Gafm USA, AAGUC USA, EEQA USA, Azteca University Research Wing Mexico, Pacific University Nicaragua Central America, APSB China Moreover, PDRi feels proud that it has attracted numerous world-class trainers in various fields. It is the resolve of PDRi to bring economical and affordable  education of global repute to Pakistanis and play its role in the development of the country. To be globally certified in your profession, is the motto of PDRi and it has the resolve to proceed in compliance with the guidelines of the government of Pakistan as a CONSULTANCY center for higher and Vocation Specific  qualification. 

 Affordable and from everywhere any time a student can become part of PDRi to change his fate. For this reason, PDRi stands matchless in the country and is committed to growing with the passage of time. It is furthermore clarified that those Pakistanis who seek HEC /PEC/PBC membership must confirm from these bodies prior to getting admission in our some affiliated universities. NAVTTC has initiated level1 and 2 certification of 3-6 months duration and are helpful for overseas Pakistanis. Please visit for more details.

In addition PDRi is member of so many international educational and research bodies. It has also opened CSS/PMS and Judiciary Centers in Mardan to cater to the needs of such aspirants. Moreover, we have Multidisciplinary Research Journal with name of However all activities of this forum is carried out in compliance of the law and policies of government of Pakistan. Omissions and exception are whole heartedly accepted.(EduLink Global)

frequently asked questions For all students around the world

PDRi is a third party, and your registration and enrollment will be shared with you once you deposit the fee and submit complete documents.

All programs that are offered by PDRi is on 30 to 40 percent scholarship.

We have had a very bad experience with it, and we process only when we receive at least 50% of the fee in degree courses and 80% in diploma courses.

The majority of our students are adult working professionals. Upon their admission, we shall open them the portal where they will find books and assignments topics, and the final term exam. Only 10% of our students fail. But the next chance is given to them. we have a reasonable lms system called

It depends on your choice. However, the universities we deal with are UNESCO.
Listed- which means that if a university is UNESCO listed is considered legit worldwide. Usually and Azteca based Mexico University, and and TRAINNING , CERTIFYING AND ACCREDITING Canada.  These universities are UNESCO Listed and are globally recognized.  However there are certain universities which are registered only by that country like APSB is a world renowned university and is registered with international bodies. The Universities like KIU,BBU are for very poor persons.

Check a university on the world higher education database  and still there are so many universities which are not on the given list but accreditation is granted by their respective ministry of higher education. Our universities like Azteca University Mexico and Pacific university of Nicaragua Central America is on the list. Moreover, Pacific University is duly registered by Higher Education of Taiwan & Nicaragua Central America. For details Whatsapp On +92347 9812089

If within 3 days you change your decision, the complete fee, except bank charges, will be refunded. After 3 days, there has yet to be a refund policy.

Just open the web page and check our affiliations and registrations. You will find the most important thing with us if you want to publish your prospect research article. It will automatically give you a boost and confidence. Research articles for the adult working class are more than a passport for new jobs and an increase in the package. So I am damn sure that no institute at the graduation level asks for a specific research article.
In addition, our newly launched research journal is

Honestly, I gained this phrase from Kim kan.

Affordable and accessible education we provide to potential candidates?

Before I did hear it from professor Kim, the same was already my mission ( overseas development) and the point where commonalities exist; one can feel better about carrying on mutual relations. He is the rector of, and through him, we got together for

PRECIOUS GOLD CERTIFICATES, which are awarded to the graduates from
From the inside website, you can find further details. Please confirm how I can get their one-year certificate in Finance, Accounting…

I acknowledge the efforts of prof Kim Rector of APSB, for giving the lowest fee to the students of PDRi. Please check the Global Academy of Finance and management credentials and the wide UNO recognitions. The holders of such certificates are nowhere jobless.

In the gulf, such persons in any company receive more than 8lac PKR. ( This is very rare ). In Europe, such certificate holders are technocratic and affluent, no doubt.

But what can I do for my country members?
The price we charge from Pakistanis worldwide is less than HALF, all that non-Pakistanis pay. It is the devotion backed by its board of governors and to act as a hybrid; business and human are still clubbed.

Check all our affiliations and members from the About Us Menu’s web page.
And if you still need an assessment of your resume and plan, career counseling

It is a global village, and any information about any entity can be checked and confirmed. Just use the internet and various search engines to determine the company’s or institute’s health. Eduglobal is a major branch of PDRi that focuses on graduation programs.
Another simple indicator is to check our likes rating on Google; that’s 8.4 today.

Some overseas professionals reside in the desert, making it difficult to take print documents and compose a pdf file. However, you can directly share your documents via email at or WhatsApp on 00923479812089

If your age is above 40 and after matric, you have shown excellence in any field of interest. Certain international universities confer the above doctorate.
It is the most distinguished recognition of a person by the university.
For this purpose, if you need further details, please send your CV and data on

Education is a crown; only a mad or lunatic shall think so. Because your complete class changed by graduation, and you are a graduate from now onwards. Did you not get the desired job as per the degree? It shows your area of profession is different from education. So continuously pursue education in the field where you think to step up the ladder. Moreover, education or qualification is self investment. This self investment is a permanent investment and remember that this graduation is a life long asset.
But Stop? Still, you are far better than all your friends who still need to do graduation. How?
Look, after three months, shirk needs a marketing consultant, and you are the only person who can show graduation in the field.
More than 10 cases we have dealt with of such nature, but all of them have higher stage positions.
For admission WhatsApp

PDRi presence on Social Media

Students Reviews | Click Here to See Our Students Video Reviews ( PDRi is having 8.8 Ratings)

Mushtaq KhanMushtaq Khan
08:11 02 Feb 23
Good opportunity For overseas PakistaniTo accredit past experiences into international diploma/degree on research and experience based.
Zaeem Shoaib ZuberiZaeem Shoaib Zuberi
14:40 29 Dec 22
Excellent academic institute. They guided me really well and I was able to pursue and attain my desired courses at a foreign university. I also received my diplomas and all relevant materials in time.
Such a professional organisation great people and nice experience with them . Personally I recommend all the overseas professional and non professional whos want to be professional this is the right place for those whos seeking to make there self certified by international university/organisation chose PDRI inshaAllah all your dream will come true I will say thanks to the entire team but specially #Professor Dr.Zahir sha# and Qaisar shahan whos treat me like Brother
Hamza NaushadHamza Naushad
05:49 28 Nov 22
I took PGDip course from them. I found them to responsibly provide guidance and certification. Incase I needed any information the team would step in and respond quickly. Specially when working on research assignment one needs assistance.
Amjad AliAmjad Ali
12:16 23 Nov 22
I really appreciate the support and effort of your team to give response of my query on timely manner. I will recommend your program to everyone to get this opportunity to get Diploma certificate with transcript by experience base.

Our Alumni Are Working At below companies, corporations and legal entities. We have mentioned a few Below

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