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You can easily transform your local qualification into US qualification..

Online Diploma Courses

Value of International Certification

Good News About Affiliation Of PDRi with Govt of Pakistan

Professional Development Institute & Research Institute is registered with Trade Testing Board, Directorate General Technical Education and Man Power Training Govt of Kp Pakistan For Computer related programs. Please Click On below Monogram Of Trade Testing Board and apply Online For your Desired Courses.

Highly Professional Certifications By GAFM.com USA

PDRi is Working For Professional Development Through Online & Experience Based Modes in Collaboration With GAFM USA & TRACCERT Canada in Addition to Facilitate Overseas Professionals in Admission At International Universities @ 30% Special Discount. Moreover PDRi is Having The Largest Online Learning System Where the Admitted Candidates will Submit Assignments And Give Online Exam. Join Us For Your Professional Uplift & Get High Salary.

Good News For Pakistani Professionals For their Unprecedented Growth…** Accreditation – Our GAFM ® Certification Board is TUV Accredited and ISO 9001 Certified for Quality and ISO 29990 Certified for Educational Standards.  Approved Sanctioned by the Arab Academy for over 20 Arab Nations. In academic alliance with the ACBSP National Business Accreditation Agency for Certification Standards worldwide.  The GAFM ® Board of Standards is a founding member of the quality assurance standards memorandum of the CHEA International Quality Group. Equally useful for those who seek to got to Europe, Middle East, Or Canada For Jobs. The Holder of Theses Certification Usually working as Top class Managers and Earn more than 5000USD P/M. 

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 RECOGNITION  ( check worldwide recognition)

These certifications are demanded by top class Economists, Finance Specialists, Accountants, Engineers, Health Professionals, Planners, Educators, Trainers, Project Professionals and Managers. GAFM,AAPM have empowered PDRi – Pakistan to certify professionals in the form of world highest and trusted certification. No holder of these skills and certification are jobless at the moment. All such professionals occupy the top brass of management and decision making. Be that Middle East or European World the incumbents possess same respect.

Eligibility: Professionals
Accreditation: World Wide Recognition. GAFM recognized PDRi Certification for the awards of certifications in various fields of finance and accounting and management.
Attestation: Notary Public USA
Fee Structure: PDRi gives upto 30% Discount on the fee which is mentioned Only For Pakistani Professionals) It is the lowest fee in whole Asia
Mode Of Study & Exam:     Online+Research Assignments on LMS of PDRi
: Available Only For Experienced Professionals Via PDRi
Scope Of Certifications: Holders of Such Certifications Get Average  5000 to 8000 USD monthly salary
For Advise & Admission Please Email chairman@pdri.edu.pk or Whatsapp on +923479812089

The PDRi was established based on United Nations Article 26 of human right to education  (UN article 26). Everyone has the right to education. This charter states that education should be equally accessible and should promote understanding, tolerance and friendship among all nations, racial and religious groups. The PDRi upholds that providing an internationally minded, blended enhanced education offers a unique opportunity to fulfill the aspirations of Article 26.

Professional Development of  Pakistanis & International on job professionals is the major aim of PDRi. For this purpose PDRi assumed the role to help individuals above any culture, religion, creed and ethnicity. Inclusivistic and pluralistic approach has been the identity of PDRi. 

PDRi has multi pronged approach to continuing qualification and primarily gives precedence to research based online qualification via its own LMS – PDilms.com. PDRi is hence a credible spring board for professionals who seek to grow in their respective fields. 

Medical Courses

Health & Clinical Courses Capacity Building Awards For Health Graduates ONLY. Not suitable for those who seek PMC Registration on it.

For health professionals who are busy and can not take regular classes, PDRi has evolved student friendly LMS system. Moreover PDRi as consultancy will serve you to provide professional certification from international bodies. Please note it that these are professional certifications and dont have equivalency and are not registered by PMC etc. However benefits of such certifications are enormous. For example 1. It helps in your professional development. 2. It gives comparative edge over other Medical professionals. 3. It may show your excellence in your field. 4. It may increase your clients. 5. These certifications are online and physically verifiable 6. It will enhance your CV. 7. You can mention it on visiting card. 8. It may help you in finding jobs in multinationals. 

Appreciation from different authorities

Discover the pride and trust we have earned through heartfelt appreciation letters from authorities, students, and professionals. These letters highlight the exceptional work of the Professional Development and Research Institute (PDRI) and the positive impact we have on their lives. Experience our commitment to excellence and join us on the path to success.

Post Graduate Certificate Courses Only For Health Professionals Development like Continuing Education & Research.
Mode Of Study: Online
Duration: 3months & 6 months


PDRi is An Independent borderless Institution to Act as Linkage Between Various Institutions.

PDRi-Professional Development Research Institute and Consultancy Services is independent non governmental , border less institute that claims no registration with HEC, PMC, PMDC , NAVTTC and PNC. It acts as a link with international institutions and   is having affiliation/ working relations with more than 8 national and international institutions around the world. Our uniqueness lies in the fact that PDRi is operational because of of selfless efforts of researchers and professionals. Moreover PDRi has brought revolution in traditional education and sorted out easy way to get internationally certified.

Our institute offers a wide range of courses through our advanced Learning Management System (LMS), allowing busy professionals to obtain diplomas and degrees through flexible modes of education in the required field. We offer:

Online Education &
Online Diploma Courses In Pakistan

Courses Of Graduate & Post Graduate Offered By Organization Of Business Professionals UK And Endorsed By Training Qualification (TQ-UK), Which is accredited By OfQual UK. These are competency award and does not fall under the frame work of Pakistani Qualification.


PDRi-Professional Development Research Institute and Counseling Services is having affiliation/ working relations with more than 8 national and international institutions around the world. Our uniqueness lies in the fact that PDRi is operational because of of selfless efforts of researchers and professionals. Moreover PDRi has brought revolution in traditional education and sorted out easy way to get internationally certified.

Why Choose PDRI?

Discover the Professional Development and Research Institute (PDRI), your gateway to flexible online education. Our institute offers a wide range of courses through our advanced Learning Management System (LMS), allowing busy professionals to obtain diplomas and degrees based on their existing experience in the required field. Affiliated with TRACCERT Canada, GAFM.org, and other prestigious organizations, our credentials hold international recognition, empowering individuals to enhance their qualifications conveniently and pursue new career prospects. Join PDRI today and unlock your potential for success.

PDRi-is short of Professional Development Research Institute , that is ISO Certified and striving to enhance professional growth of individuals in order to

Earn More Remittances , Bring peace and Prosperity in the society, and present multiple avenues of jobs/promotion for adult working professionals around the world. PDRi is having a rich LMS System and a Professional Research Journal to its credit, in addition to so many collaboration and affiliation with World Class Institutions. Our trainers are mentors and leading the prospects who desires to join national or international firms.

Students Reviews | Click Here to See Our Students Video Reviews ( PDRi is having 4.8 Ratings)

Mushtaq KhanMushtaq Khan
08:11 02 Feb 23
Good opportunity For overseas PakistaniTo accredit past experiences into international diploma/degree on research and experience based.
Zaeem Shoaib ZuberiZaeem Shoaib Zuberi
14:40 29 Dec 22
Excellent academic institute. They guided me really well and I was able to pursue and attain my desired courses at a foreign university. I also received my diplomas and all relevant materials in time.
Such a professional organisation great people and nice experience with them . Personally I recommend all the overseas professional and non professional whos want to be professional this is the right place for those whos seeking to make there self certified by international university/organisation chose PDRI inshaAllah all your dream will come true I will say thanks to the entire team but specially #Professor Dr.Zahir sha# and Qaisar shahan whos treat me like Brother
Hamza NaushadHamza Naushad
05:49 28 Nov 22
I took PGDip course from them. I found them to responsibly provide guidance and certification. Incase I needed any information the team would step in and respond quickly. Specially when working on research assignment one needs assistance.
Amjad AliAmjad Ali
12:16 23 Nov 22
I really appreciate the support and effort of your team to give response of my query on timely manner. I will recommend your program to everyone to get this opportunity to get Diploma certificate with transcript by experience base.

PDRi Is ISO Certified Firm Working On Professional Development
Of Adults Working Professionals In Collaboration With Reputed Institutions Around The Globe

Our Alumni Working At

Are Working in these companies, corporations and legal entities. We have mentioned a few of them.

PDRi is a third party, service provider in online education duly Certified by QAHE and EEQA along with ISO Certified. The adult working professional is supposed to get admitted when complete the requirements and deposit the Fee. For admission details and eligibility please keep in touch with our sole representative on +92 3479812089 and email your documents on ceo@pdri.edu.pk. After admission you will login to the LMS www.pdilms.com for study and research.

All programs that are offered by PDRi is on 30 to 40 percent scholarship especially for degree courses. In general our fee structure is lower as compared to other institutes of the region.

We have had a very bad experience with it, and we process only when we receive at least 50% of the fee in degree courses and 80% in diploma courses.

The majority of our students are adult working professionals. Upon their admission, we shall open them the portal where they will find books and assignments topics, and the final term exam. Only 10% of our students fail. But the next chance is given to them. we have a reasonable lms system called PDILMS.com

It depends on your choice. However, the universities we deal with are UNESCO.
Listed- which means that if a university is UNESCO listed is considered legit worldwide. Usually Pacific.edu.ni and Azteca based Mexico University, and apsb.edu.eu and TRAINNING , CERTIFYING AND ACCREDITING Canada.  These universities are UNESCO Listed and are globally recognized.  However there are certain universities which are registered only by that country like APSB is a world renowned university and is registered with international bodies. The Universities like KIU,BBU are for very poor persons.

Check a university on the world higher education database www.whed.net  and any university which is listed in this database is internationally considered genuine and recognized. And still there are so many universities which are not on the given list but accreditation is granted by their respective ministry of higher education. Our universities like Azteca University Mexico and Pacific university of Nicaragua Central America is on the list. Moreover, Pacific University is duly registered by Higher Education of Taiwan & Nicaragua Central America. For details Whatsapp On +92347 9812089

If within 3 days you change your decision, the complete fee, except bank charges, will be refunded. After 3 days, there has yet to be a refund policy.

Just open the web page www.pdri.edu.pk and check our affiliations and registrations. You will find the most important thing with us if you want to publish your prospect research article. It will automatically give you a boost and confidence. Research articles for the adult working class are more than a passport for new jobs and an increase in the package. In addition PDRi is the only institute of the country that gives opportunities to the professionals for publication of research articles in the area of the working professionals, and for that purpose PDRi has launched its own Research Journal 

Honestly, I gained this phrase from Kim kan.

Affordable and accessible education we provide to potential candidates?

Before I did hear it from professor Kim, the same was already my mission ( overseas development) and the point where commonalities exist; one can feel better about carrying on mutual relations. He is the rector of APSB.edu.eu, and through him, we got together for

PRECIOUS GOLD CERTIFICATES, which are awarded to the graduates from www.apsb.edu.eu.
From the inside website, you can find further details. Please confirm how I can get their one-year certificate in Finance, Accounting….GAFM.org.

I acknowledge the efforts of prof Kim Rector of APSB, for giving the lowest fee to the students of PDRi. Please check the Global Academy of Finance and management credentials and the wide UNO recognitions. The holders of such certificates are nowhere jobless.

In the gulf, such persons in any company receive more than 8lac PKR. ( This is very rare ). In Europe, such certificate holders are technocratic and affluent, no doubt.

But what can I do for my country members?
The price we charge from Pakistanis worldwide is less than HALF, all that non-Pakistanis pay. It is the devotion backed by its board of governors and to act as a hybrid; business and human are still clubbed.

Check all our affiliations and members from the About Us Menu’s web page.
And if you still need an assessment of your resume and plan, career counseling

It is a global village, and any information about any entity can be checked and confirmed. Just use the internet and various search engines to determine the company’s or institute’s health. Eduglobal is a major branch of PDRi that focuses on graduation programs.
Another simple indicator is to check our likes rating on Google; that’s 8.4 today.

Some overseas professionals reside in the desert, making it difficult to take print documents and compose a pdf file. However, you can directly share your documents via email at ceo@pdri.edu.pk or WhatsApp on 00923479812089. In case of more than 4 years experience OVERSEAS can be eligible for certain programs on exemption.

The below links are for these purposes.




If your age is above 40 and after matric, you have shown excellence in any field of interest. Certain international universities confer the above doctorate.
It is the most distinguished recognition of a person by the university.
For this purpose, if you need further details, please send your CV and data on

Education is a crown; only a mad or lunatic shall think so. Because your complete class changed by graduation, and you are a graduate from now onwards. Did you not get the desired job as per the degree? It shows your area of profession is different from education. So continuously pursue education in the field where you think to step up the ladder. Moreover, education or qualification is self investment. This self investment is a permanent investment and remember that this graduation is a life long asset.
But Stop? Still, you are far better than all your friends who still need to do graduation. How?
Look, after three months, shirk needs a marketing consultant, and you are the only person who can show graduation in the field.
More than 10 cases we have dealt with of such nature, but all of them have higher stage positions.
For admission WhatsApp

Yes as a policy your certification can be registered by HEC of Pakistan. But HEC will ask you for your residence certificate and passport that you have gone to the country of Certification.

By the way our fee structure is lower than what the said universities will demand if you go there directly. However there are certain universities like nwiu.ac which charges the least for any diploma or graduation program.

frequently asked questions For all students around the world