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Admission to any course/certification is a critical decision of life and requires complete knowledge of the future and present prospects of achieving the said training & certification. Unlike the rest of the institutes in the country, PDRi extends free valuable service during the time of admission especially in the selection of diploma course, title, and category of diploma, mode of study, assessment of existing competency of the candidate,  and other relevant factors. Unlike the rest of the country,s Centers and Institutes, PDRi feels glad to give prolonged online/physical counseling to the prospects about his career development All such services are free of cost and SADQA JARIAH especially for overseas skilled matriculate prospects. For this purpose, PDRi has evolved the following mechanism and set of protocols.

Before admission, all required information data is provided to the prospect. Mainly the resume of the candidate is received at this stage, his desired course and CV is put forward to the Evaluation / Counseling Department. This process may take from 12hrs to 72 hours. Usually the CV is sent via email cc 

The data received from the information department/section, the evaluation department which is headed by professional experts, psychologists, researchers to evaluate, analyze, and assess the needs, interests, compatibility of the requested certification by the candidate. The candidates are mostly provided alternative options, based on the future utility prospects, marketability of the certification, and compatibility of the existing competency of the candidates and their proposed certifications.

At this stage, the admission process begins. The admission form is filled, the fee deposit invoice is sent to the candidate, and the process is completed. This department is headed by Qaisar Shahan, who is directly responsible to the  Honorary Chairman , Dr. Z.Shah, Ph.D. (Modern Professional and Online Research & Education Expert)

As per details in the admission form, assignment topic, format of a research assignment, online relevant books/materials to be sent online to the candidate and or is enrolled in the LMS system is registered. Overseas skilled Pakistanis in some courses may be exempted from certain modalities of the process subject to the approval of the awarding bodies.


PDRi has made admission procedures easy for on-job professionals. You can follow any of the below methods.

If you are having basic computer literacy you can even register online from your  Cell Phone if you have an internet facility. Click the below link, Select the Category of your choice, then select the desired course. Here you will find an online admission form, fill it and press submit. Within 3 minutes check your email for complete details. CLICK HERE

Go back to the home page and download the admission form, Check the Fee Structure, fill it and send it to your concerned admission advisor of  PDRiC. For manual admission form please email on or Whatsapp Text on +923479812089

Admission Policy & Submission Of Fee

Keeping in view past experience, PDRi follows the following SOPs for admission procedure to be followed by the prospects in letter and spirit.

After submission to any course, the candidate must deposit at least 30% of the complete fee, and the remaining fee is paid in a maximum of two more installments, before the issuance of certification by the awarding body. However, the fee once deposited can be refunded only within a maximum of three days of the admission. Overseas Pakistanis are given a special package of the fee submission procedure.

Third-Party Attestation Services is provided to the candidates on their desire. After completion of the certificate, the candidate will be required to send the fee to the concerned agency, for attestation or other services. And this attestation of certifications will be entirely a separate activity, and in the case where the attestation of embassies or foreign affairs is refused, the candidate will be refunded only the given fee for the purpose.

Dispute Resolution Mechanism

In case of any dispute, the final decision will be made on basis of the admission form submitted by the candidate & the terms & conditions, contained on the web page. However, our all efforts will be devoted to the welfare of the candidate.

It is usually seen that students deposit their admission fee which PDRi deposits to the account of the awarding body and hence before 3 days the candidate can request for the refund.

Secondly PDRi is not involved in any ATTESTATION process directly and hence no such responsibilities the management of PDRi accepts. However PDRi shall stand responsible for the fee for the said purpose.

PDRi, is the first-ever forum in Pakistan that came into being with the sole object to focus on the Development Of Professionals- through Professional Continuing Qualification, Research & Training.