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PDRi As Facilitation Point For BBU UNIVERSITY RPL & Intl Programs

BallsBridge University Is Not Recognized BY Any Body In Pakistan. However it is Recognized Internationally, Due to its Membership With International Bodies

Balls Bridge University

BBU-stands for BALLSBRIDGE UNIVERSITY that is operated under the strict supervision of His excellency Professor Dr. Prince Idahosa Charles. I have always gained inspiration for his efforts of collaboration and recognition by so many bodies. Like my approach of alternative  education, Professor Idahosa seems pioneer of it. We are very thankful for his extention of recognition to PDRi as research center and facilitation of support to admissions. We encourage adult professionals in various areas like engineering, management, health care , Safety and other courses. The following certificates have been fixed for the purpose of showing the status of the university and not otherwise. These are confidential documents and can not be used for any other purpose.

If you are professional adult can drop email upto honorary phd course, and proper guidance will be shown. On all programs 30% is off and the said university does not educate people only for monetary considerations.

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