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Diagnosis is the begining of any medical treatment around the world. The western world is using highly sophisticated technology for diagnosis. Ultrasound is one of the most important machine that tells us about 80% of the diseases beforehand. However,

In Pakistan still ultrasound is considered as the last option of diagnosis, and this is the reason that our health professionals are untrained.

So, we have started a venture to introduce at least some of the basics of it online. We hope that our efforts will bear the fruits.

we offer training of all types of ultrasound like fetal, diagnostics, doppler and advanced versions.

How is our training: Dr. Jannat fathima , our main trainer and coordinator will take weekly 3 classes on zoom or other technology, and will give basic practical demo to the female students of far flung areas. This training will consist of 3months only.

At the end of training general students can get 3 months training certificate of PDRi , Trade Testing Board , Directorate General Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, or international 3 months certificate from Canadian Board which is full member of Accrediting Agencies of Canada www.aaac.c

While those who are health graduates in English or any other Medicine, and if we are sure that they can have further practice at their own, can be awarded 6 months or 1 year certificate, subject to the candidate desire.

TRAINING Fee Structure: Complete fee for 3 months online training is only 8000 pkr, which the student must submit in two installments, if can’t pay in lum sum.

Certificates Investment: PDRi own completion certificate fee is only 3000 pkr, Trade Testing Board Govt certificate of 3months will cost 10,000 pkr. For Traccert Canada 3 months certificate fee is 10000 pkr.

For 6 months & one year Certification Fee is:

PDRi own Certificate Fee is 5000 pkr, Trade Testing Board Certificate Fee is 15000 pkr ( Appearance in Exam is mandatory) For 6 months TRACCERT Canada Certificate Fee is 30,000pkr. For one year Certificate from PDRi fee is 6000 pkr and Trade Testing Board Certificate Fee is 30,000 pkr and for TRACCERT Canada DIploma of 01 Year is 50,000 pkr.

Benefits of such courses:

A. Economic benefits and trust of clients. More economic opportunities like private sector jobs.

B. Health Professionals, gynaecologists, LHVs can get accreditation and certification easily and in short time.

For Feedback & Counselling

Dr. Jannat Fathima ( Islamabad)

WhatsApp Text or Call during office hours

+92 345 8929499

For details and checking our profile must visit and payment of fee will be acceptable only through bank account or online banking , after receiving official invoice from PDRi.

Pattern In Chief

Prof. Dr. Zshah, PhD