Online Diploma Courses

International Collaboration

It is the mercy of Almighty Allah that Pakistan has the best quality professionals and researchers. Professional Development is the key component essentially significant for all professionals from low to higher profile staff. However, the idea of Dr. ZShah is unique and productive in the sense to introduce professional action research system as tool of competency and assessment for certifying the aspirants in their respective areas. For this purpose, PDRi/C has concluded agreements of partnership with various international such level. Some of the bodies of collaborations are below

  2.  Azteca University Mexico for Research and Diplomas
  3. Asia Pacific University Nicaragua Central America for Research and Certification
  4. Board of Quality Standard BQS Via Balls Bridge University
  5. Asia Pacific School Of Business Management and GAFM USA
  6. Kesmonds University USA for Research and Admissions
  7. Northwest International University Armenia
  8.  Trade Testing Board KP in progress
Note: It must be noted that PDRi is only Facilitation point of research for these universities