Online Diploma Courses

Role, Function & Purpose


The prime role of the establishment of PDRi is stimulated by the needs and poor predicament of overseas Pakistanis especially in Middle East. For this purpose innovative, executive-centric and non conventional methods, tools and approaches have been adopted in accrediting and certifying Pakistani professionals, in order to refine, polish and develop the human capital and bring it in tune with modern western industry culture. The central theme or more precisely the bedrock of PDRi, revolves around RESEARCH, especially professional ACTION Research.

For this purpose in mind espoused with non traditional ideas of its chief advisor, Prof. Dr. Zshah, agreements/collaboration/knowledge partnership agreements have been concluded with Canadian, American and European bodies, institutes and universities.


As mentioned in the role above, the major prime function of PDRi is to accredit and certify Pakistani skilled and semi skilled persons via professional based international certifications through on job professionals friendly ways like online research initiatives, and acquired experiential capacities.


The central objective and purpose of PDRi is to develop adult Pakistanis professionally, which in turn may transform into productive human capital in compliance with national and international markets needs. The ultimate goal of PDRi is the conviction that professional development leads to prosperity, stability, pluralism and peace.

According to Article 26 of UNO charter it is the right of every citizen to have access to opportunities of education of all kinds. The establishment of this institute reflects this article in letter and spirit.