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Honorary Doctorate is an honorary doctorate conferred on seasoned professionals who are having excellence in their field of job. Note. These are for non Pakistanis usually

Origin and History

Schools grant honorary doctorates to honor the recipient, while also benefiting by association.

In most countries, a doctorate is the highest level of academic recognition. An honorary doctorate can be given for a variety of reasons decided upon by the university. The first instance of an honorary degree on record was issued by Oxford University to Lionel Woodward in the 1470s. This practice became much more common, however, in the 1600s when royalty visited universities in England.

Use of Such a Degree

Benjamin Franklin received an honorary doctorate.

The recipient of an honorary doctorate may use the degree in the same manner as a substantive degree, except under certain circumstances where formal academic background is required. Most recipients do not use the title of “doctor,” though there is no rule against it. Recipients such as Benjamin Franklin, Maya Angelou, and Billy Graham, amongst others, have used the title either before or after their names.

An honorary doctorate will be given at a graduation ceremony, and the recipient will usually make a speech to the graduating class.

Many universities that award honorary degrees refer to their recipients as “doctor.” Whether the title is used before or after their name, people typically add honoris causa or h.c. in parenthesis after the degree title. This indicates to others that the title is an honorary one, with all the benefits that entails.

Granting Honorary Doctorates

A university usually awards this degree at a regular graduation ceremony and recipients traditionally give an accompanying speech. Typically, several people are nominated for the degree and a university panel decides who deserves it most. In some places, however, an honorary doctorate can be applied for. This is common in the UK, Australia, and Ireland, though it frequently requires an established relationship with the university. The recipient often has a noteworthy academic record and may be a member of the university staff.

An Honorary Doctorate, also known as an honorary degree or honoris causa (Latin for “for the sake of honor”), is an academic recognition conferred upon an individual who has made significant contributions to a particular field, society, or humanity as a whole, even though they may not have completed the usual academic requirements for earning a regular doctorate.

Unlike regular academic degrees that require the completion of a specific course of study and original research, an honorary doctorate is typically awarded by universities and other academic institutions as a way to acknowledge and honor exceptional achievements, outstanding contributions, and distinguished service in various fields. These fields can include science, humanities, arts, politics, business, social work, or any other domain where the recipient has made a substantial impact.

The process of granting an honorary doctorate usually involves a nomination or recommendation from a faculty member, followed by approval from the university’s academic governing body or committee. The recipient is then invited to the university to receive the honor during a graduation ceremony or a special event. It is important to note that an honorary doctorate does not grant the same academic privileges and rights as a regular doctorate, such as the ability to practice medicine or hold certain professional titles, but it is considered a prestigious recognition of one’s achievements and contributions.

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F. Kesmonds  International University

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