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How Can I Be Certified By TRACCERT Canada?

TRACCERT is short of TRAINING ACCREDITATION & CERTIFICATION and is a full member of the Association of Accrediting Agencies, Canada (, and this program is supervised by renowned researchers , professionals and academics.

How Can I be certified is a general question usually asked by prospect candidates. Its simple answer is that once a professional intends to get certified in the form of 6 months or 12 months certification, known as a professional-based diploma, he will share his updated cv with our evaluation/admission team. Within two days’ time, the candidate will be given all the available options for such certification.

For example, a health graduate like MBBS/MD/DHMS/PHARMD/NURSE, who for instance wants to be certified in the form of a one-year diploma in Child Health, Family Medicine, Orthopedic or any relevant field. The candidate will need to have some background knowledge in the related field from any govt or private institution/firms. On the basis of his experience, the candidate will be granted relaxation/ exemption for up to 6-8 months. However to justify his professional excellence the candidate will need to submit at least two assignments within two months time period in a specific format as on the web page of

There will be a final subject wise Online MCQs-based 100 Questions paper, in which the candidate can appear after one month of the assignments submission.

Benefits For Professionals:

  1. International certification at the lowest fee and easy to do ways.
  2. Professional growth and confidence
  3. More opportunities for Jobs and promotions, especially in international or European countries.
  4. An increase in the salary is expected especially in the private sides
  5. CV/ Visiting cards buildings, and authentic certification in a specific field.
  6. A unique way of certification on RPEL and professionals friendly way.
  7. Salary Increase & Job Change