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Health & Clinical Courses

Keeping in view the rising demand of health care academic Diploma courses around the world in the post covid-19 era, PDRi has concluded Agreement with Mexico Based WHED & UNESCO listed University. The name of the university is Azteca University, Mexico, adjacent to the USA which has agreed to award professional continuing awards in many areas of health.  PDRi is just a facilitation admission and research center of the university for Pakistanis and Afghanis around the globe. In addition to it, health professionals who possess more than 03 years of training and experience in the hospital in the respective department/ward can be awarded the said diplomas from TRACCERT Canada. Which is a full member of the association of accrediting agencies of Canada, 

NOTE: Licensing and Equivalency may be subject to the approval of the candidate’s policies of the resident country. 

Mode of Course Delivery:

Online & Blended Delivery With 6 months Training in the relevant Ward/ Section of Hospital

Eligibility: Only Health & Medicine Graduates / Administrators.

Requirements: At least 03 years relevant experience. Capable of Submission of  05 Research Assignments( our research department will extend support) via LMS

PG Cert in Family Medicine
PG Cert in Internal Medicine
PG Cert in Dermatology
PG Cert in Emergency Medicine
PG Cert in Diabetes & Endocrinology
PG Cert in Orthopedics
PG Cert in Child Health
PG Cert in Gynae & Obs
PG Cert in Ultrasound Diagnostics
PG Cert in Nephrology
PG Cert in Hepatalogy
PG Cert in Human Diet & Nutrition
PG Cert in Cosmetology
PG Cert in Minor Surgery
PG Cert in Sonography
PG Cert in rheumatology
PG Cert in pulmanology
PG Cert in Psychiatry
PG Cert in Clinical Psychology

PG Cert in neonatology
PG Cert In Radiology
PG Cert In Anesthesiology
PG Cert In Cardiology
PG Cert In respiratory therapy
PG Cert In Chest Medicine
PG Cert In alternative medicine
PG Cert In Gastereontology
PG Cert In Neuro Physician
PG Cert In medical education
PG Cert In Rehabilitation Science
PG Cert In physiotherapy
PG Cert In alternative medicine
PG Cert In Mother Child Health
PG Cert In Male Health
PG Cert In infectious Diseases

Diploma in Family Medicine
Diploma in Internal Medicine
Diploma in Dermatology
Diploma in Emergency Medicine
Diploma in Diabetes & Endocrinology
Diploma in Orthopedics
Diploma in Child Health
Diploma in Gynae & Obs
Diploma in Ultrasound Diagnostics
Diploma in Nephrology
Diploma in Hepatalogy
Diploma in Human Diet & Nutrition
Diploma in Cosmetology
Diploma in Minor Surgery
Diploma in Sonography
Diploma in Rheumatology
Diploma in Pulmonology
Diploma in Psychiatry
Diploma in Clinical Psychology

Diploma In neonatology
Diploma In Radiology
Diploma In Anesthesiology
Diploma In Cardiology
Diploma In respiratory therapy
Diploma In Chest Medicine
Diploma In alternative medicine
Diploma In Gastereontology
Diploma In Neuro Physician
Diploma In medical education
Diploma In Rehabilitation Science
Diploma In physiotherapy
Diploma In alternative medicine
Diploma In Mother Child Health
Diploma In Male Health
Diploma In infectious Diseases

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