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PDRi is having collaboration with multiple Europe Based Consultancies, which work in providing Visa and Work Permit Via Investment in the said country.

Golden Visa Through Investment, Permanent Residency In Europe and USA. This scheme is good only for family to get settled in Europe.

Real estate investment and their advantages to get Golden Visa For Whole Family 

With years of experience in property investment, Global Citizen Solutions provides a personalized service to each client, relying on statistical data from market transactions, real estate intelligence, and the support of a wide network of trusted partners.

Your trusted local partner

Portugal’s Golden Visa is popular with investors from all over the world, due to its affordable investment options and wide availability of choices.

Qualifying investments start from €250,000 and can be made through a number of different routes.

Global Citizen Solutions has a 100% success rate with Golden Visa applications in Portugal. Each client is supported by a dedicated account manager throughout the application process and our extensive experience and inside knowledge in the Portuguese market will give you a competitive edge required for success.

European Visa:

Working Professional Development WPD:

Any skilled worker at any level in the field of construction can get LITHUANIA visa at a very low cost along with work permit. From this country the visitor can go freely to other European countries.

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