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PDRi is the ISO Certified Institute which caters to the need of Overseas Pakistanis around the world…. in a flexible and affordable way….. In addition PDRi is affiliate member of Taiwan, Nicaragua

TRACCERT Canada , KIU US, APSB Singapore, GAFM USA, AAPM USA, BBU and many more


PDRi is having collaboration with more than 10 international bodies for Development of Human Resource…..

It offers Gold Precious Internationally Recognized Certifications the holder of which get MORE than 10000USD a Month as salary

Our Graduates Working in Europe, Africa and Middle East Region at High Jobs

Law, MBA, BBA, BS Graduates work hard every where in world 

PDRi’s major focus is on continuing professional qualification with major focus on developing, refining, up-skilling and modifying the existing experiences, training, research and potentials of the on job professionals in order to bring them in match with international standards and increasing industrial challenges. Like Dr. Edward Roy, the president of EIU- Paris university, the Chief Advisor of PDRi, Dr. Zaher Shah, Ph.D , a renowned researcher and teacher, is focusing on introducing new modes, methodologies, and styles of modern qualification system, that suit all adults’ needs and requirements. So the following major Modes of study are being adopted.

Direct Awards System:( DAS):

According to this method which is primarily in practice at advanced countries, the past experiences and work potentials of the candidates are transformed and accredited into Professional Certification. However to avail this opportunity the prospect is needed to write an essay type ACTION Research Assignment of 50 Pages, with less than 20% of plagiarism. This is the most suitable mode of study for overseas Pakistanis who are practically trained but dont have time for proper/ regular study. For those overseas who are having at least 04 years experience in a specific area, but at lower rank jobs like welding technicians, electricians, survey assistants, construction labour, health care attendants, etc can also be strongly encouraged for this mode with more flexibility. However such certifications will not be academic in nature.

Accelerated Mode Of Study AMS)

Some of the international universities give exemptions on bases of past work experiences, but still the prospect candidate is required to appear in the Research Thesis and online comprehensive examination. Upto 60% exemption can ,be earned by a mature and rigorously trained person in this system. According to AMS time is saved for the potential candidate.

Online Regular Learning:( ORL)

This system of study is suited to a fresh or semi skilled candidate, and he can not stand eligible for any kind of exemptions. However, Online classes on Zoom Technology will be taken by instructor. The one or two year online learning will be completed with in short time of 03 months. Additional fee will be charged for it.

Campus Based Learning:( CBL)

We also offer some short training based courses, at our Head office Mardan and Training campus Lahore.

PDRi, being a research institute encourages the candidates to apply for national and international certifications on bases of research. Our motto is to develop and promote research based professional development based continuing qualification, to enhance the scientific knowledge. For this purpose PDRi has established its own multidisciplinary research journal