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We the management of PDRi is pleased to announce that we have concluded MOU with California University Of Credential Evaluation. According to this agreement , now local Pakistani qualifications shall be given Equivalence. For example Pakistani Master Degree shall be converted into American based degree, and hence local qualifications will become global qualifications. This shall enhance the efficiency of the degree holder. For example a graduate of health or master in it like MBBS, MD, MPH, BDS, Engineering BS, MS, BS and MS in Business Management like BS, MBA and ETC degree holders have the opportunity to have Globally Recognized American Equivalent Degree and Transcript. Thus Pakistani degree holder shall become Global Degree of America.
This golden opportunity For Pakistanis have the following benefits:
A. Become Globally Recognized
B. Local Degree into US degree
C. The degree shall become equivalent to some of the US regional recognized universities
D. In some cases helpful for migration to USA , Canada & European countries
E. For health doctors it is very useful in the sense they will claim American Qualification against local qualification degree.
F. Medical Doctors shall write US qualification on CVs and Visiting Cards, and their status will get changed and their practice will become doubled.
G. Engineering, Management and Finance Degree holders shall get Global degree against their Pakistani degrees. This will help them in finding new jobs, promotion in jobs, mental satisfaction , and more confidence in their status and image.
H. In short this is a golden chance for every one to get Global status from local status.

How this process will be completed?

This is very easy. The candidate shall submit CV and scans of their degrees to PDRi on or WhatsApp documents scans on +92 3479812089
This process of getting the US degree from California University Of Credential Evaluation shall be completed with in 90 working days. Only one assignment will be written by the candidate.

What is the price of this Process of Equivalence?

PDRi has done wonderful job for Pakistanis and lowest fee has been agreed upon , as below:
The equivalence of degree and transcripts and issuance an other degree against the local Degree and transcripts , complete fees is 400USD
In case a person’s demands equivalence plus apposle from California or Loss Angeles State shall Pay 550 USD

If a person demands equivalence of degree and transcripts plus attestation and notarization by California State or Loss Engeles State shall deposit: 650 USD.

DHL services Upto 40USD shall be charged from every candidate to receive the equivalence degree in envelope from USA to Pakistan Via DHL.

Sample Equivalence