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DAE, in general, as per the Pakistani qualification framework, refers to Diploma as Associate Engineering. Professional DAE is a new concept designed for overseas skilled Pakistanis who have more than five years of experience in the related field with the capacity to pass the online exam and submit 30 pages research assignment. Such professional diplomas are merely the candidate’s reflection, which shows his competency in the given field. For this Purpose, PDRI/PDRC has agreed with the Canadian registered body, TRACCERT, a full member of the

It is further stated for the aspirants’ general information that this is a unique opportunity for this kind of certification. We research that most Pakistanis in the Gulf region are mostly matriculated and have acquired sufficient experience in the related field of jobs but lack behind in terms of promotion and job changes. In contrast, the candidates from India and other Gulf region countries are getting high-paid jobs because of such certification.

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