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Comprehensive Guide to Online Diploma Courses in Pakistan

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Online Diploma Course In Pakistan: All You Need To Know

PDRi-Pakistan Offers International Online Diploma Courses in Pakistan Under the Supervision of Professor Dr Zshah. Certifications Via Online Study. We simply help guide the professionals who work inside or outside of the country in facilitating them with professional certifications and guidance from internationally reputed institutions through modern tools of study and examinations mainly suited to the scheduled work routine, the traditional, class and age-specific general education system.

What is a diploma course?

Diploma courses are a type of formal educational qualification. Diploma courses consist of a number of courses taken over a long period of time, usually for people who want to gain additional knowledge or skills and who wish to improve the skill or knowledge they already have. An international diploma consists of a series of courses taken over a number of years and can be of either academic or vocational type.

A number of academic courses can be obtained by fulfilling certain criteria, such as an English Baccalaureate, an engineering degree, a school leaving certificate etc. Vocational qualifications can be gained by studying for a vocational qualification. They are available in both academic and vocational variants.

Online Diploma Course In Pakistan: All You Need To Know

How does the online diploma course work?

For a Diploma, the applicant needs to possess a minimum of 60% of relevant academic and practical experience within the specified period of the diploma course. A Diploma in an online study can be completed in 3 years (120 hours) or in 6 years (360 hours) under three different study programs: – The 100-hour Diploma course is offered in 3 years of full-time study (10 hours a day, 5 days a week).

The 180-hour Diploma course is offered over three years of part-time study (50 hours a week). – The 900-hour Diploma course is offered over two years of part-time study (30 hours a week). We also help you start your career in the areas you have applied for. Our network is so extensive that students with such high marks are waiting for your reply.

Who can apply for an online diploma?

– You are interested in an Online Diploma Course in Pakistan that will prepare you for a rewarding career with minimum travel required and immediate diploma qualifications. – You are interested in a Diploma in Healthcare Management (HHM) or you are seeking to prepare yourself for a career as a primary care physician in Pakistan. – You want to gain knowledge and qualifications in a discipline that will allow you to have an in-depth knowledge of an industry, profession, process, material or field of expertise.

You want to be in a position to succeed as a strategic business partner with a career in this sector. – You want to gain knowledge of any specialty or field of expertise through understanding the theory and practice of that specialization.

What are the benefits of an online diploma?

Online Diploma: In online courses, the learner remains independent throughout the duration of the course. You are free to choose the topics and if you need to improve, you are given the flexibility to go through the areas that you want to improve. If you want to do courses in English, you may choose them with confidence knowing that they will be graded by the university.

Managed by experts in the Pakistani education sector, PDRi-Pakistan provides you with the opportunity to acquire diplomas from internationally reputed universities with ease and comfort. PDRi-Pakistan through its various online courses delivered at the student’s place of work can help to manage your work schedules and lifetime studies by allowing you to attend as per your time and attendance requirements.

Is the diploma course approved by the government?

Diploma courses are approved by the government authorities as it is a recognized educational activity. This is also according to the Ministry of Federal Education, Professional Training and Professional Development. For details, visit our website. Is the entrance tests any different? No, the entrance tests are not any different from ordinary university entrance tests.

All the entrance tests and tutorials are conducted in an impartial manner. Is it easier or harder than the regular courses? Diploma courses are of a shorter duration than regular courses of study. The duration of a diploma course is from 6 months to 18 months and most often to one and a half years depending on the requirement of the profession/career of the student.

Is the diploma course affordable?
Are the exams easy to get? What will be the schedule for the entire course duration? Will the course be totally free of any charge? Eligibility Criteria: If you are a medical graduate, then you are eligible to apply. Required Skills: You should have the following basic skills and knowledge, which include in Medical Degree:

  • A systematic approach to problem-solving.
  • A sound understanding of the techniques and theories involved in laboratory work.
  • Basic concepts in biology and general chemistry and physics. Basic knowledge of and sensitivity to the workings of the human body, the health problems of different classes of people and the application of medical science to those problems.


There is a high chance that an online Diploma Course in Pakistan may not be accessible to you and the question is that should you be worried? Isn’t it? No need to worry as our expert team is ready to serve you. The representatives of the PDRi-Pakistan team are professionals and have accumulated good knowledge about the subject.

We hold more than 50 years of experience in providing consultancy, translation, interpretation and training services to an extent that one can feel proud of our research and professional skills. However, it is not just a job but a life-long career opportunity that needs commitment and passion. As this is a knowledge-based career, one needs to be alert, and aware of one’s professional surroundings.