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We are very glad to announce our appointment of Honorary Fellow to Dr. Zahir Shah

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2. NAVVTT Pakistan has initiated skill prgrams of 3 to 6 months and interested candidates must visit the website and register for course

3. NAVVTTC or Foreign Affairs attestations done via third party Mr. Waqar and in NO WAY PDRi or its affiliate is involved in it. Because PDRi staff has no free time for such activities

4. PDRi has stated its general for free publication and development.

I find this platform to quench my intellectual thirst. Sometimes the policies of the government is not friendly and push them against the wall. What is sine of a poor oversease Pakistani who is deprived of higher education. In addition no scholarship is given to them. They are not given proper platform to flourish and find new meaning to a prosperous living.

To develop overseas Pakistanis living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the following steps can be taken:

  1. Create a community network: Develop a network that connects overseas Pakistanis living in Saudi Arabia with each other. This network can be used to share information, provide support, and promote collaboration.

  2. Establish outreach programs: Develop outreach programs that target overseas Pakistanis living in Saudi Arabia. These programs can include job fairs, career development workshops, and entrepreneurship training.

  3. Create job opportunities: Work with local employers to create job opportunities for overseas Pakistanis living in Saudi Arabia. This can be done through partnerships and collaborations with local businesses.

  4. Provide financial assistance: Establish a financial assistance program that provides loans or grants to overseas Pakistanis living in Saudi Arabia. This can help them start businesses or pursue education.

  5. Offer educational opportunities: Develop educational programs that cater to the needs of overseas Pakistanis living in Saudi Arabia. This can include language classes, vocational training, and higher education.

  6. Facilitate cultural events: Organize cultural events that celebrate Pakistani culture and heritage. This can help overseas Pakistanis living in Saudi Arabia maintain a connection to their roots and feel more connected to their community.

  7. Create a support system: Develop a support system that provides assistance with legal and social issues. This can include counseling services, legal advice, and assistance with housing and other basic needs.

Overall, developing overseas Pakistanis living in Saudi Arabia requires a multi-faceted approach that addresses their various needs and challenges. By providing support, resources, and opportunities, we can help overseas Pakistanis living in Saudi Arabia achieve their full potential and contribute to the growth and development of both Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. In some cases overseas Pakistanis dont have the required certification or degree courses. For this purpose PDRi has established its website clearly mentioning all the details. Please visit

Oversesas Development Initiative

PDRi has initiated program for overseas Pakistanis to provide  them with various certifications. These programs are designed for adults working abroad. For this purpose MOUs with Internationally Recognized Universities like

Overseas Pakistanis Faces Problems In getting Higher Vocation specific education because of workload and financial reasons

It is understandable that overseas Pakistanis face several challenges when it comes to pursuing higher vocational education. Some of these challenges are:

  1. Workload: Overseas Pakistanis often have to work long hours or multiple jobs to support themselves and their families, which can make it difficult to find time to pursue higher education. Balancing work and study can be challenging, especially if they are in different time zones or require a lot of travel.

  2. Financial reasons: Higher education can be expensive, and overseas Pakistanis may find it difficult to afford tuition fees, textbooks, and other educational expenses. They may also have to support family members back in Pakistan, which can further strain their finances.

  3. Language barriers: Some overseas Pakistanis may struggle with the language of instruction in their chosen course or institution. This can make it challenging to keep up with the coursework and participate fully in the learning experience.

To overcome these challenges, there are several steps that overseas Pakistanis can take:

  1. Research funding options: Many universities and organizations offer scholarships and other financial aid to help cover the costs of higher education. Overseas Pakistanis can research these options and apply for any that they are eligible for.

  2. Consider online courses: Online courses can provide more flexibility in terms of scheduling and location, which may be helpful for overseas Pakistanis with busy schedules. They can also help overcome language barriers by providing courses in multiple languages.

  3. Seek out support networks: Overseas Pakistanis can connect with other students or professionals in their field to share experiences and get advice on how to balance work and study.

Overall, while pursuing higher vocational education as an overseas Pakistani may be challenging, there are many resources and strategies that can help make it more manageable for details you can visit

 For Graduation Courses visit the Link  


This is hard question and many Pakistanis fall prey to SCAMS. The fault is on the part of students because they admit for a course when they need it. Usually they under pressure for obtaining any degree  and hence, substandard education becomes the fate of these students.

If you are international and overseas students then in such case the genuineness of the concerned university be determined from World Higher Education Data Base www.whed. In addition if a university is accredited by the higher  education ministry or council. Some university in America dont follow any external regulator. How ever EduLink Global as part of PDRi Pakistan. has struggled to find universities which are flexible and are UNESCO listed. Even some universities may not possess such qualities but still that universities are accredited.  For details search on google for further reading material on it. 

For more details Whatsapp    +923479812089 

Pakistanis usually reside in Gulf Region should avail the opportunities of Certifications offered by NAVTTC for upskilling and development. This information is spread with good faith for the development of overseas Pakistanis. Dont waste your money for getting  admission in unaccredited Universities and associations.

PDRi is now working Under Registered Business, Edulink Global

PDRi is pleased to announce Edulink Global education set up. More than 30 persons graduated from international universities and found a higher profile jobs in Gulf. 10-3-2022 Updates

Significance Of Online Higher Education

Online higher education has become increasingly important in recent years, particularly since the COVID-19 pandemic. It has enabled students to pursue their academic goals and advance their careers while accommodating their busy schedules and providing flexibility.

Here are some of the benefits of online higher education from graduation to higher graduation:

  1. Accessibility: Online education has made higher education more accessible than ever before. Students from all over the world can enroll in a program without having to relocate, which saves time and money.

  2. Flexibility: Online education is flexible and can be tailored to fit a student’s schedule. This is particularly beneficial for those who work or have other responsibilities that make it difficult to attend traditional classes.

  3. Affordability: Online education can be more affordable than traditional education because students do not have to pay for on-campus housing, meal plans, or transportation.

  4. Personalization: Online education allows students to customize their learning experience by choosing courses and programs that align with their interests and career goals.

  5. Career advancement: Online education can help students advance their careers by providing them with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in their field.

  6. Learning from experts: Online education often allows students to learn from experts in their field who may not be located in their geographic area.

  7. Improved technology skills: Online education requires students to be proficient in technology, which is a valuable skill in today’s job market.

Overall, online higher education offers a range of benefits that can help students achieve their academic and career goals while accommodating their busy schedules.

Keeing in view the above factors in mind PDRi has launched easy ways to encourage overseas Pakistanis to PPLY for higher education on visiting

DELAY IN AZTECA UNIVERSITY STUDENTS DOCUMENTS: We regret to inform our prospects especially Azeem from KSA, who tells that his iqama is getting expired. We sympathize you at all level, however you have received the scans of your documents in time, and your original documents have been submitted to the MOFA of Mexico and hope that in these10 days your work shall be completed…. Only For Azeem