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Why PDRi
Professional Development

UNLIKE traditional distance learning or on-campus qualification/education system, the management of PDRi feels privileged that it works under the direct leadership of University Professors / Researchers, Academicians who intend to spread all streams of Adult Qualification, and to offer novel, modern, European, American, styled Research-Based, Experience-Based and Online Professional Qualification & Certification. The whole spectrum of professional education has been synchronized to the needs, requirements, and capacity of the adult professional capital of the country. The essence of this cluster of initiatives will prove a milestone in the history of the country besides, inculcating professional research concepts in the working on-job professionals. From Matriculate to a Ph.D. degree holder, and likewise from office assistant to the highest managerial position holder can find suitable and congenial course/certification. Because of the following main features, PDRi shall always be the first choice of prospects, ever.

The establishment of PDRi in Pakistan will prove a milestone in the professional development of Pakistanis.
In addition, we strive to bring flexible international online education at affordable fees. It is observed that many Pakistanis prefer international qualification but can not afford it. PDRi also launched research journals of multidisciplinary nature to give more space to our students to publish their research assignments and thesis.