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Why Online Diploma In Child Health is Important For Pakistani Health Graduates

Why Online Diploma In Child Health is Important For Pakistani medical Graduates

Child Health is the most ignored area in developing countries, and hence Online Diploma in Child Health necessitates the importance for the graduates. Usually, health graduates due to workload can not pursue on-campus regular studies in a college or university. The question of affordability makes it further complicated.

Online Diploma In Child Health

Why Online Diplomas:

In Pakistan, the population increase is on the hike. Newly born children remain unattended in many cases in terms of proper health care facilities. The desired resources also fall short of the optimum level. The health care professionals constitute the basic element of the resources. PDRi attempts to envisage and implement strategies to provide online child health training and certification to professionals in an innovative, up-to-date, and affordable manner.

Where From Such Online Diplomas Are provided?

Online Diploma In Child Health

Recently the world is like a global village, and PDRi has devised collaboration with some international bodies and universities. One such university is the Azteca University of Mexico, and the other affordable body is the TRACCERT of Canada.

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