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Research is the building bloc of human existence and survival. Many academic journals exist world wide. However, the chief adviser of PDRi/C introduced a new concept of Action Research Work in the form of Paper/ Article or Assignments. This journal will publish bi annual only selected research papers of the candidates. Only research with compact solution proposals will be published online. Any paper having more than 20% plagiarized data will not be published.

Who can publish a research action paper? Any of our graduate is eligible for his privilege.

Research Journal Of Professional Development & Research Initiatives( RJPDRi)

Objectives: To contribute to professional development of every one through action research.

 To bring innovative ideas into the domain of research and bring forth vocation specify action research 

To accelerate the economic growth of Pakistan in particular & the rest of the world in particular

Status:  Quarterly , Free of Cost For the Enrolled Professionals & only articles from outside will be accepted subject to the availability of space.

Version: Online Only


Policy of Publishing: The research work is genuine & not plagiarized more that 30 percent.

Benefits: If you are in any profession like medicine, engineering, education, or administration the online article will

  1. Enhance your skills & professional confidence
  2. Can be cited in resume along the link & will accelerate employability opportunities
  3. Intellectual satisfaction and strong reference