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This ONLINE course is designed for busy professionals, who aspire to get higher education in the given field but don’t have enough time due to jobs compulsions. For this purpose PDRI Pakistan has made agreements with certain universities like UNIP Nicaragua Central America and Azteca University USA , Decker College USA and APSB Singapore. This initiative is exclusive for the development of overseas and local Pakistanis in the field of law, management, medicine, engineering and education etc etc.

Mode of Study: Majority of Courses are taught online/Blended

Mode Of Exam: Online Via LMS

About the Universities: The University of Pacific is based in Taiwan and Nicaragua Central America. It is a recognized university and its status of recognition can be checked by the world higher education database  which means that this university UNIP is UNESCO listed. If a University is Unesco listed that is considered worldwide as recognized. For natural and health courses this university is a member of “ The American Naturopathic Medical Accreditation Board “(  Even the SOPs of HEC and PMC endorse this fact, however, their decision for granting equivalence is based on from Person to Person. Similarly University of Azteca Mexico is also UNESCO listed and can be verified from world higher education . We are affiliated with which is a famous university at Singapore and USA. Its certificates are attested almost by all embassies around the world. However this university is not UNESCO listed but is having a great image at national and international level and is accredited by AUAP ,( Asian Universities of the Asia Pacific). It is also member of UK leading accreditation body ( ASIC). Its multiple accreditations can be checked from . In addition specialized certificates of international repute in finance, economics , logistics are awarded by internationally recognized body which is a member of Arabs University under UN and has a brilliant standing position in the world.  In the same ways Decker College  of America  is also CHEA accredited and offers certain courses online and on campus

Fee Structure: As a routine of international universities they charge huge amount in admission and tuition. However due to PDRi efforts these universities offer more than 40 percent scholarship to the professionally strong candidates, who are having past experience of not less than 4 years in the related field/occupation.

Our Fee Structure: Admission Fee= 500 USD

Consultancy Fee= 500 USD

Up to 500 USD Semester wise Fee. (Further Discount Shall be offered in some cases)

Course Contents:  Are to be provided after Admission via LMS

Other Services like foreign affairs attestations, notary , legalization and some embassies certification is done via third party services.

Note: Special package of credit exemptions in some courses is granted by certain universities, provided that the applicant provides verifiable work experience letter/ evidence. In such cases the fee will remain same and issuance of Diploma can take place in a shorter period.

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