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All Engineering Diploma Courses In Pakistan

Online All Engineering Diploma Courses In Pakistan

Online All Engineering Diploma Courses In Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE & Europe


A diploma in Engineering Courses in Pakistan very much needed. Because Engineering professionals play a pivotal role in the construction, manufacturing, repairing, and maintenance of all the industries, firms, and corporations of a country. The majority of Engineering Professionals remain stationary at a specific point in life. They need to be trained through online continuing qualification. This will save them time, money, and jobs. PDRi offers all diploma courses in engineering only to already skilled persons. It is obvious that overseas Pakistanis don’t pursue formal qualifications. They cannot attend the on-campus regular education.

Why is it all-important?

As the role of Engineering is essential in all aspects of a country. Its importance increases with every passing day. New technologies and machines came into practice. Engineers usually work based on their traditionally achieved qualifications. The time changes and new policies emerge. The gap is, therefore created. Continuing certification is the best solution for it. It can not disturb the scheduled jobs of the prospects. The lack of upskilling initiatives creates danger for them. The modern technological age demands new approaches and methodologies. Hence, it is important to train, certify and capacitate the professionals.
Online Engineering degree Courses In Pakistan
PDRi offers Engineering Diploma Courses In Pakistan.Online Engineering Diploma Courses In Pakistan,

Why  With Us?

We have done a lot of research in the field of Engineering under the leadership of Professor Dr. Zahir Shah, a renowned educator. Our institute, PDRi has decided on various methods to offer through online study and research assignments. That is customized to the busy schedule of the on-job engineering professionals. For this purpose, engineers who have field experience of more than 3 years can apply for the desired course diploma in engineering. They can complete the one, two-year diploma within a short time of 6 to 8 months. Under the accelerated mode of study and research which is the backbone of our institute. Many overseas Pakistanis have completed such courses from us and enjoy high salaried jobs in the middle east and Europe.
Engineering Diploma Courses In Pakistan

How Can It Be Awarded?

Under our system of professional education, we have collaboration with some internationally accredited bodies. One of such bodies is Training Accreditation and Certification known as TRACCERT, Canada. This is a full member of the Association of Accrediting Agencies, Canada. Under the accelerated mode of study, the candidate can complete a two-year diploma within 6-9 months. In addition to it, PDRi has also affiliated with UK-based universities.

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