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We offer these specialized courses in Live with the compatibility of the Professional as per standards of TRACCERT Canada, Under the Supervision of Prof Dr. Zshan in Mardan Pakistan. All Diploma courses are on a research base

  1. Experience Diplomas All diplomas Courses Via Online/Experience
  2. Paramedical Courses Online – Only for Health Professionals
  3. Engineering 1,2 Year Courses- On Rpl & Experiences Bases
  4. HR & Management Courses
  5. TRACCERT Courses
  6. Medical Diplomas
  7. Diploma in Family Medicine
  8. Diploma in Logistic & Supply
  9. Experienced Base Degree/ Online courses
  10. MD in Alternative Medicine
  11. MSc in Dermatology Online (Under the supervision of Dr, Prof Zeshan)
  12. MSc in Public Health (Online/Exemptions & Research)
  13. Research-Based Diplomas/ Degrees
  14. UltraSound online Courses
  15. Business Online Courses

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