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Azteca University Bachelor Degree Courses

Azteca University Bachelor Degree Courses

Bachelor’s degree courses under Blended Mode of Study & Past Experience Exemptions Based Can be awarded to the Potential Candidates, Who are having more than 3 years relevant experience and intermediate.
These courses can be awarded by Azteca University of Mexico, Which is World Higher Education Database & UNESCO listed.
However as per SOPS of Pakistan Higher Education Commission only the On Campus Study is recognized. Azteca University also offers Dual Degree Courses in Collaboration with Central University of Nicaragua, which is IQAS registered.

PDRi is working only as facilitation point for Admission & Research to the said University, under the Supervision of Prof. Dr. Zshah, PhD.


Human Resource Management
Marketing Management
Financial Management
International Business Management
Computer Science
Health Care Administration
Accounting & Management
Supply Chain Management
Educational Management

Bachelor of Systems Engineering

Specializations (Available):
Information Technology
Electronics and Communication
Electrical Engineering

Bachelor of Psychology
Specializations (Available):

Educational Psychology
Mass Communication

Bachelor of Sciences (B.Sc.) in Tourism and Hospitality Management
Bachelor of Foreign Trade
Bachelor of Environmental Science (B.Sc.)
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Bachelor of Pedagogy

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